Can I take a minute to address the way the men in the Caribbean seek to attract women they like?

I’m not sure if they are attempting to call wild monkeys or young women. But whatever it is, it attracts the average basic woman. The one looking for a sugar daddy, or just some attention but to chic women, it is absolutely the worst way to get attention.

Men: I have some awesome news. I saved $500 switching my car insurance! No, that’s not it. The good news is there are still good women out there. The bad news is: if you attempt to attract them the way you attract all, you won’t win.

The key to it is to realize the caliber of women that you are dealing with. Is she looking for a soul mate? Someone to spend her life with? Or is she simply looking for someone to pay for her hair, her nails and a meal everyday?

Figuring this out, will not be easy as nowadays everyone can afford beauty products and are doing the MOST to standout.

Here’s a scenario:

A girlfriend and I went to a Mexican Restaurant and as we were walking out of the parking lot, a guy called out to us in the usual “bird call” fashion. We didn’t answer him as we never answer people that don’t have the decency to just walk up and introduce themselves. He kept doing it, until he realized we really weren’t going to answer. Finally, he runs up to us and says “I know you heard me calling you”. My response was, “I heard you screaming out, but I just knew you couldn’t be speaking to me.” In a usual Caribbean style, he told me that I was bougie and I clearly thought I was better than him. All he wanted was a number and 30 seconds of my time but I have a stink attitude.

Okay fine, I get that a lot but I do not think I’m better than anyone. I’m a respectable woman, if I want to speak to someone I go and introduce myself to them. Is that too much to ask? If you’re interested in me for whatever reason, stop me, say something dorky, make me smile then ask for my name. Women are no longer answering bird calls, we want more and we expect more.

In the end, as women even the nice ones will not entertain every man that stops us. To get a woman’s full attention, eye candy is important. Even for married or taken women, just because they’re on a diet doesn’t mean they can’t look at the menu. Beyond eye-candy, show that you’re intelligent. Don’t particularly insult the woman because she didn’t like you. As I’m sure there are women you didn’t like, or you don’t like. We all have types.

Women: Give the men a break. I’m guilty of it, being so tired of the bullsh!t that some men give, I tend to take it out on the rest. Which is unfair to them, because all men shouldn’t have to pay for the mistake one man made to me. Let’s try to think positive, the law of attraction says that when we think about what we don’t want, we tend to draw more of the same in.

So today and everyday forward, instead of thinking about that one man that did you bad, attracting the negative energy. Think about what you DO want in a man, focus on it. Remember: when you focus your thoughts on something you want and hold that focus, you are summoning what you want with the mightiest power.

Let’s summon good men and long lasting relationships!!