I often say there’s nothing too traumatic going on in life that a night out can’t handle. After my long week, I believed it.

Within the last week, I’ve realized who I was, I had walked away from something I had wanted so badly and I had done so for me, but still I felt like absolute bullocks. So I went out after work, rather then going to Starbucks and dong work. It was the first time in the long time, I had went out without my girlfriends, solo.

I parked my car and entered the bar, immediately I saw some familiar faces, sat near them and ordered a drink. In a space of five minutes, I already met a gorgeous guy that started a conversation with me. I know you must be thinking, “okay people start conversations all the time.” But no, not here, in the Caribbean finding a good conversation is like finding a single dollar in the ghetto on the streets. Rare, especially if poverty is high.

And that was just the start of how my night would turn out. With gorgeous men having the best conversations with me. I even got lucky enough to see a beau I had been crushing on. 16 shots later I changed locations and ran into my ex.

At first glance, it’s hard to see what I saw in him. In fact after three or four glances people still don’t understand. But at the time we dated, he was good for what I was going through. He helped me through a lot and was there when I had nothing, he was my provider and my best friend at that current moment. It’s hard for people to understand why we stuck together, but I’m not a shallow person. You only have to be easy on the eyes and your personality will take it all away. So I saw him and he gets huffy puffy when he saw me, which is so sad because I harbor no bad feelings towards him. It happened, it may not have ended well but you were a man to me and I will never let that go. This doesn’t make him feel better and it’s understandable.

Upon seeing me, he started to be the usual man, which is act out for attention. It was fine because I had gathered everyone’s attention so everyone ignored him. Then I saw him talking to a woman and leaning all over her. I figured this was done because I was there. I bet I surprised him when I told him, “good catch,” I mean why not? I’m over you, I don’t have anything against you. Happiness is hard to find, if it makes you happy do it. Although as a confident woman, I hate to say she didn’t have sh*t on me, but it’s always beyond the looks that matters. So cheers to him!

With liquor on my breath, I talked to all the men I wanted to, I built up what we can call the NFL Roster , it contained everything from their age, their star sign and last but not least status. I’m proud, even if I won’t call anyone but everyone must feel as if they still have what it takes to woo the guys. At the end of the night, I not only felt amazing, but everything that wasn’t in my life presently to make me smile prior to the drinks, did not enter my mind.

See there’s nothing a good night out can’t handle.