Yes, I’m centuries behind. I have never watched “For Colored Girls” and I never had an interest until I heard someone describe it as being one of Tyler Perry’s best movies.

Usually I research everything I sit down to watch, as knowledge is everything to me. I can’t sit in suspense of anything. But when I sat down to watch this movie, I had no idea what to expect or that I would have cried all through this movie.

Wow is an easy way to describe the movie, but wow isn’t the word I want to use. For a single woman, For Colored Girls correctly captured all of the situations women go through on a daily basis. It is so hard being a woman, it is even harder being a single woman that is seeking to change her relationship status; knowing what is out there.

For Colored Girls does not give you the fairy tale aspect as most of Tyler Perry movies seek to do, it gives you the REAL aspect. By real I don’t mean the tears, I mean the situations ranging from down-low brothers to rape victims and more.

For example, in the Caribbean like everywhere else homosexuality is coming to the forefront. However, unlike the rest of the world whereas homosexuality is on the rise, there are thousands of people that still hide who they are from the rest of the region. There is nothing wrong with being different, but there is something wrong with capturing a woman’s heart, cheating her emotionally and being dishonest with what you prefer to lay up with. As portrayed in the movies, homosexuals are hiding, they can no longer be picked out of a crowd, they’re disguising themselves as loving and faithful husbands and some are killing their wives. It’s hard enough competing with other women, but as a woman looking for someone serious, you have to compete with all genders and you also have to run a background check to make sure HE wants to be with you for the right reasons or HE is using you to cover up what he really likes.

Another aspect what stood out to me is the way that the movie portrayed the fact that you really must know who you are involving yourself with. The lady thought the date was innocent, that after she explained that she just got out of a bad relationship that he would understand she wasn’t interested. She was taken advantage of and he knew what her intentions were, but he disregarded that and raped her. Watching that bought me to tears because too often we as women (and I won’t go as far as to say colored women because in the dark we are all just women) go out on dates with men to get to know them, not realizing people only show us what they want us to see. We can date someone for 5 months and be completely open with them expecting the same back and it won’t come and that’s where we begin to not trust men. But the movie used different experiences to tell women, to be careful.

Yet at the same time, it reveals that invisible strength that we know women to have. I’m sure we have all had an experience with a man that has taught us something about ourselves. The lesson reveals the yesterday, the today and the future. But to some, it represents the thought that all men do have issues and single women are less inclined to go out there and search for what they want because of the realities of are in front of them. Although, this thought is wrong, it is easy to understand why women would think like this. We as women make mistakes often because we cherish the  relationships we hold with men so much, that we begin to ignore what we know to be wrong and it leads into some of the situations presented by Tyler Perry’s, “For Colored Girls.”

From a single women’s aspect, the movie itself represented issues that all women go through not just colored women. We as colored women realize that there are indeed some issues we go through that white women don’t but when it comes to men and dating, I’m pretty sure we’ve all encountered all of the same and have endured all of the same.

I must say that the film can be seen as a way to bash men especially black men and I want to state that this isn’t the intention. Yes, we do experience hardships and problems but they can’t and shouldn’t all be blamed on men especially black men. In relationships there are two people and we as women need to take the blame for accepting the issues we eventually have a problem with. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter how “no-nonsense” a woman is, there is some man that she’s swallowed a lot to be with. I’m also guilty of this, so I speak from experience.

To the single women, I know this movie confirmed what we already know to be true. Believe me when I say, we are all on this journey together. The struggle to find a companion has never been as great as it is today. But we as women must come together and battle these issues. Whether it’s from advice, from talking to each other or to encouraging each other. Please understand, that just because we cherish our relationships with men, does not mean that we should stand for any BS.

Smile a lot, don’t be afraid to ask about men you just met (it might save you), stand up for yourself and most importantly ALWAYS put you first.