If I could talk to you one last time I’d ask you to not tell me that I can trust you.

I’d ask you to not deny me the truth because you’re concerned the truth will hurt me. I’d ask you to look me in my eyes and be honest because that’s all I’ve been to you.

I’d ask you to think back to when we got serious and I’d ask you to walk away because you realize your heart is still in the past.

I’d ask you not to hurt me, or anyone else in fact.

I’d tell you that being a man isn’t important when it’s convenient but how we handle others defines our character.

I’d remind you of the things you told me, the feelings we shared and the bond that grew out of dishonesty.

I’d ask you about discrepancies that came to the surface months later. I’d remind you what’s done in the dark always comes to light and whatsoever a man sows he reaps.

I’d wish you good luck, because I can’t hold that grudge against you because I was taught to be a forgiving soul. I would make sure we ended in a good place so we wouldn’t be in a bad place.

I’d ask to go back to that date we met and pretend we never met at all.

If I could talk to you I’d erase your entire existence because this lesson came with an expensive side order of distress.

If I could talk to you…