In 2012, women talk about the hoe as if being one is a bad thing.

We look down our noses at them, we hide our significant others from them (or so we think) and we don’t want to be anything like them. We should all be slapped with a smelly trout.

Cause hoes be winning!! We shouldn’t degrade them at all, they do everything we won’t do for a man. Pride? What’s that!? Nothing but a word you can find in the dictionary between prickly and priest.

Ever notice all the good women are single why the hoes are catching all the men and smiling like “ain’t sh!t wrong.”Yeah, me too cause the men are after that “High-class Over-achieving Ever-hated on Hoe”.

Do we all of a sudden turn in our good women capes and becomes hoes? Hell Nah. But we really must step our games up. No man wants someone that reminds him of his mother because she’s going to put up with his shit because she loves him. Why do we do it? Cause we believe in the 90’s love songs? Yea well, its 2012. Time to slip off those granny panties and slide into some crotchless undies and do the damn thing.

I wish I could tell you how to be a hoe and win. Unfortunately by the name of the blog, I’m losing. And if you reading this and agreeing, you’re losing as well.

I just can’t see myself being with a guy that has money just because he has money. Why should any woman with class have to be with someone they consider sub par just because he’s what we’d call a “baller”. They can do it because a man is all they want.

When I speak about what I want, I make sure that it is known that I don’t want what everyone else has. I’m searching for a standard of something that separates me from the local hoes. If a man were all I wanted, I’d be winning and I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

But the reason, hoes stay winning is because they settle. They don’t pressure a man to be better than what he is because they know by doing that he’ll realize he can do better! They don’t hassle him about wearing dresses as t-shirts or smoking dope constantly, they take it because a man is all they want.

My wish is for all the respectable women to hold on. It may seem like a long wait and it may seem as if the choices aren’t getting any better. But we deserve nice guys, let’s patiently wait out the “hoes be winning” phase and wait on the guy that makes you feel as if you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. The guy who is willing to be the man you want and more.

Remember these hoes only winning because they’re tolerating the men we wouldn’t even look twice at! No we don’t think we’re better than you but our compromising doesn’t start at respect.

Love ya’ll!