She has a point, but Gold Diggers are some good business women. While us women we sleep with the wrong guys and are left with heartaches, gold diggers they invest in these guys and they get paid. But if I get paid for my cooch, I want a yacht a private plane and that’s the bare minimum.

But these are all women who take away from the standard of good women. So when men see us, they expect us all to be the same caliber, it’s depressing as hell, I won’t lie.


I do not knock no ones game but Gold Diggers have to be the worst lol. Personally im a woman who would much rather work for my riches and establish on my very own. Its nothing wrong with your man helping you out here and there but to solely depend on him for everything does not tickle my fancy at all. I have ran across Gold Diggers everywhere and always thought to myself if I ever have a son one day I pray he will never run into a woman like that. Gold Diggers actually make is bad for the real women that will be down for her man with or without. After the man has been drained and sucked dry from the Gold Digger Vampire he is now scared and will not let another woman abuse him ever again. He has now put in his mind that all women…

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