Cuffin’ Calendar

I’m ready for cold nights, hoodies and cuddling. Wait, when did I get a man to cuddle? I know right. Summer is done and most of us are happy as it was too hot to cuddle up with our main squeeze, anyway.

But now cuffin’ season starts. For those readers that aren’t too familiar with cuffin’ season it’s the season where singles are feeling the weather and they have a strong desired to be “cuffed”. This season officially starts September 22nd, so the question remains, “Who gon’ learn this season“? There are two things that can come out of Cuffin’ Season, a nice long term and healthy relationship or a nicely extended friends with benefits. Now let’s be real ladies, anyone can be a FWB, but if you’re anything like me, you’d want the nice, long term healthy relationships option.

SO how do we do it? I don’t know, my guess, if any is to be who you are and the right man will be attracted to you. But if we just use my idea, we won’t be going anywhere except to bed alone with movies and popcorn. I’m not a relationship guru, to be honest I’m just a woman trying to find the best soul mate but woman to woman here’s what I think we can personally work on to be a contender in the Cuffin’ Season.

  1. As Drake said, “But girl you ain’t the only one that’s tryna be the only one.” This is true, this is true. Ya’ll know these days we’re not only competing with women, but men too therefore we can’t afford to be a plain jane. Not to say we’re going to be one of the “hoe’s” I wrote about earlier but we’re above the regular standards, so everything about us must state that. So if anything, be PREPARED. Have a game plan, football coaches don’t go into the game without a plan, so neither should we.
  2. Know what you’re getting into. You know that sign on the car that says, “objects are closer than they appear?” Yes, that’s how I feel about this season and dating, we may think someone is what they appear and they may not be. We’ve all experienced that and for the risk of wanting my readers to not be the ones going through heart-ache, I can’t express this enough. This season is more than a booty call, it calls for a little time spent and attention, don’t go all in and he’s just looking for companionship. Be cautious!
  3. DON’T ACCEPT BULLSH!T: Yea if you were expecting the regular, I’m sorry I just can’t let my readers go down that road. If the key to being cuffed is to do everything we usually do but we don’t ever get the guy, maybe it’s our hair color? But honestly, we all have that “Perfect Patricia” in us, where we accept the last minute changes to dates, we wait by the phone or we tell him our every move. Sounds familiar? Yea let’s make it sound unfamiliar, let’s just not give him what he’s expecting. It’s not okay to change our dates last minute, would you tell your boss last minute that his idea just doesn’t work for you? No, don’t accept it. Stand for something and set your standards high from the beginning.
  4. Remain Calm: I know we’re in a hurry to find our special someone so much that we don’t want to play games. I assure you, I know what you mean and I understand, but unless men are making the moves our pace seems almost suicidal. In other words, “Control Your Emotions“, yes I chuckled when I realized I was speaking to women whose every action is based on emotions but let’s try to remain calm and classy for our sanity. I’m tired of being hurt and I’ve come to realize that emotions betray your attachment.
  5. Toss the Rules and Be a Man: I didn’t mean literally but I’d love to approach this season like the “Big Man On Campus” in a way. I think for this season, I’m going to start off my NFL roster with cards, each player will have his own card and I’ll rate him in terms of: personal hygiene, height, conversational levels, educational levels, dependents and career. After all, if some of these relationships last past this season, we shouldn’t lower our standards, if these are the things we usually go for why can’t we be men about it?

Ignore my rules, what do I know? I’m single looking for my soul mate but I don’t think it should be defined by any season. But even if Cuffing Season weren’t real I think we as women do so much to find the perfect one and we lose for random reasons. SO shrug it off, be yourself and don’t accept less than what you would give and be happy. I hope my list at least made you laugh.

Love ya’ll!