If I were a man…

I’d take care of my woman’s emotional needs.

I’ll spend more time and give more attention because sometimes that’s all a woman needs.

I’ll listen to her, not just listen to get her to be quiet.

But I’d really listen to her, because it’s only then I’d be able to cater to her and address her needs..

I’ll be forthcoming with information because as a man I realize a women’s intuition never fails her and when she thinks she knows, I’d love to say “baby this is what it is.”

You see proving her wrong isn’t on my agenda, but proving her wrong about men is top of my priorities.

I would spend more time doing things to make her happy because I realized this woman would do all this and more for me.

I’d be honest about where I’m going even though it’s easier to suffer from an “I’m my own man syndrome”. But I realize making sure she’s secure is my only gateway to a peaceful world.

I wouldn’t get comfortable, because being single has taught me it’s a battlefield out there. I realize that what I won’t do, another man would do and more.

I’d be me, the man she fell in love with. I’d take time to remind her why she fell in love with me. As the Bible says when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing, and I know when I’ve hit a gold mine.

But I’m not a man. I’m a woman that only knows what I offer and what I’d do for the right man. I pray that God doesn’t leave us, good women lonely. I also pray that when this man I constantly dream about comes, that I’m not blinded by tears of situations gone wrong and hatred for men that I can’t recognize the goodness that is in him.

Happy Friday