How many times have you heard that?

I’m so over the thought that a big penis trumps EVERYTHING. Because it doesn’t. But then again it seems women are more obsessed with penis sizes than they were 10 years ago. So maybe it’s just me that is thinking like this.

However, I’m looking for more substance. When I define myself as different, it’s not me being cocky. It’s realizing that unlike most women I’m searching for something real, something permanent, something that isn’t defined by your penis size.

I value good stimulating conversations. Conversations that leave me wanting to explore your brain more. I value good values, a good up-bringing is a sincere turn on. A man that is well versed, well educated and willing to share his intelligence trumps a big penis size. In my sincere opinion all fun and jokes aside there is more to a relationship than the sexual side.

If I was 18 again, I’d find it hilarious that men reveal their penis sizes as it was a Nobel Peace Award but I’m older and I’m saddened that males don’t have more to offer. Instead of saying you have a big penis, tell me what else you have to offer. I know most men will not be educated by the books but self educated. That in itself is also a turn on because it shows that you’re interested in making a better you. Show me something in you that you can’t brag about. Share your passion with me, or your ideas for a better world. But if you want to get to know me For the love of God do not tell me about the size of your dick.

All day, I do NOT dream or think about sex. I’m not obsessed with penises. To be honest, I barely think about it. It is because I’m not having it. It’s not because no one wants me but because I’m not interested in increasing my number just because I’m single. If I wanted a FWB that is easy to find, I don’t have to look far. But where’s the challenge in that? I’m looking for something real and permanent. I’m looking for a life partner, this is the challenge.

Challenge yourself ladies. Don’t settle for something that is easy to get, like sex or a big penis. Settle for something that you’ll be proud you worked for because having it in your life makes you want to continue to strive to be the best. Good luck, believe me it is NOT easy.

Love ya’ll!