Dick, Penis and Rectangles everything seems to center around Dick these days.

What a popular person that Dick is. I’m just wondering when did everyone become obsessed with the size of a man’s package?

Would I be considered weird if I were to say that’s the absolutely last thing I care about, but even now I catch myself looking at his fingers? The first thing I look for is the wedding ring. Which nowadays is becoming more and more pointless because only women wear them. Men would probably wear their cell phones around their neck before they wear their wedding ring. The second thing I look at is his nails, if we were to get in a serious relationship and his nails were deathly long, we know who wouldn’t be getting fingered anytime soon!! That’s a rupture waiting to happen. Lastly, as the hand is concerned I find myself looking at the size of his fingers. Particularly the finger closer to the ring finger.

For those of you that haven’t caught on as yet, it has been scientifically proven that a man’s penis size can be estimated by the length of his fingers. My best friend revealed this to me during a very inebriated conversation and I always thought it was gibberish until I saw an article on it. Of course by time as we get to the sex, if we ever do, I don’t remember what I estimated from his fingers.

Uncut, well endowed, beautiful and mind-blowing are just some descriptive words women use to describe a man that has a beautiful cock. But when we’re just examining the cock from the outside we’re putting this huge expectation on it then when the sex is absolutely horrible, we have no one to blame but ourselves. No one told us to imagine that if cocks had personalities, his could walk down the street comfortably naked because it was just so beautiful.

We look down on small penises as if we were Catholic Churches and the discussion revolves around abortion. If the size of a man’s penis was revealed before women started dating them, would they be the ones looking for love at every corner? Even though their sex is probably deliciously mind blowing, women are just more interested in the bigger packages. Is it too much to say we enjoy disappointment as well?

Uncircumcised, beautiful, little penis are words we NEVER hear grouped together to describe any man. It just wouldn’t sound right, it’ll certainly halt any conversation. The truth is most women will never admit they enjoyed a small package. I guess it makes them more of a penis connoisseur? Most men are ashamed of their little packages but they should be the ones talking it up to at least change the way women think.

If I could have a Dominican dick, that was beautifully carved and of average size I’d be happy. Your penis size is tabled under “Sh!t that doesn’t matter.”All I’m concerned about is its beauty. No one wants to have sex with an ugly penis, it doesn’t even sound right. I just want something to lust at even if I don’t want the D, but that’s me I’ve been called silly often. It’s okay to laugh at me.

What would the world be like if on a first date, the woman asks the man to place his willie on the table so she can see how long or short the date will be? That’s like standing in a crowded room and just screaming, PENIS!!. It’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention but will it scare them away? I’ll be the first to admit, if you’re well endowed, thick and beautiful I might just be tempted to take a picture and just stare at it. I probably don’t want that size in me, but who says my mouth can’t water?

But the focus on a man’s size nowadays goes to show where our interests are. People aren’t interested in long term relationships, some prefer to have sex first and think about love after. It makes you seriously question the future of a society focused on the physical rather than the mental.

Have we really become that shallow or does a penis size really matter? Can we see ourselves having longer lasting relationships with men with long penises than men with packages we can barely see or feel? Think about it!

Thanks for reading! Love ya’ll!