I try my hardest to be positive. I try my hardest to think positive thoughts because the law of attraction states that, “you are what you attract.” This is what motivates me everyday to smile and continue to think in the way I do.

But, I’m sick of being told that I’m a good woman and I will get the ring but my marriage will not last. I’m sick of being constantly beaten with the Ratchet Woman stick. I’m sick of hearing men complain that women constantly beat them with the, “all men are dogs” stick, but when it comes to women, because the majority of women they attract are bad, we are all like that !!!!!

For once, I’d like to live in a world that wasn’t filled with double standards. A world that I can be who I am and I can be accepted, loved and appreciated for who I am without taking the punishment of a past relationship. I know we’re all humans but as humans we all want to be loved and appreciated for who we are, can we at least make a constant effort to realize that everyone isn’t the same? Is this too much to ask!?

If as a man you find it easier to speak to a woman that is visibly below your standard, realize this is your choice. No one forced you to entertain that woman. You chose that because you wanted the easy way out. When you get what a shortcut gives you, please do not take it out on every woman you meet. Don’t claim that there are no good women around, because sadly there are. There are more than a handful, there are A LOT but because you took the easy way out and got burned, we are hiding from men like you because we don’t need the heartache.

Not everyone is a statistic, because marriages around you are failing doesn’t give you the right to kill a dream. Some people marry because it’s a fashion, but there are some women who genuinely believe in getting married, being in love and being honorable to their husband as long as they both shall live. Don’t take away this dream because someone took it away from you.

Stop making it seem as good women with good virtues and great upbringing don’t exist, because they do. If they’re like me, they’re more than tired of the daily bullsh!t!