1. I AM NOT MEETING YOUR FRIENDS: I am single and so are you, unless you’re prepared to make our relationship official, I do NOT want to meet your friends. I don’t want to get comfortable with people then in 3 months, they’ll be just people to me. In addition to this YOU ARE NOT MEETING MY FRIENDS. Of course you can’t avoid the really close friend that’s everywhere with me, but to let you meet my inner circle? No, you’re not permanent, not everyone wants to meet the temporary messes. I’m just saying.
  2. I AM NOT PUTTING MY SALIVA ON YOUR PENIS: You can call me what you like, call me frigid, call me stupid, that’s fine. Blow jobs are meant for your boyfriend or your husband. What man wants a girl who is more professional at dick sucking than Superhead because she has had LOADS of practice when she was single? No, I wouldn’t even be able to look at myself in the mirror because I’ve been practicing sucking long hard bananas just because I can.If you go down on me that is your business, no one told you to go down there, I’m not returning the favor.
  3. I PROMISE TO ALWAYS BETTER MYSELF: The point of being single is to better yourself right? No? Maybe not for some, but to me if I can’t get the man I want it’s clear I’m not ready for him. So until the universe thinks I am, I promise to always be trying to top the yesterday’s version of me.
  4. I PROMISE TO NOT CONFUSE CHILLING WITH DATING: Most times men just want to chill, why am I spending more than 30 minutes in the mirror perfecting myself for a man that just wants to chill? I can’t be extra for someone who just wants to be friends.
  5. I PROMISE TO ALWAYS PLAY IT SAFE: Too often we as women meet a cute guy, get his number and run berserk. We text him first (yes I’ve done this) and we wait ever so anxiously for him to answer. NO! If a guy is interested in you, he’ll beat you to it. He WILL call, he WILL text, just to make sure he makes it clear he’s interested in you. I promise to allow a man to do the hunting, but I also promise that I won’t be extra with his hunting. I will give him a chance to get to know me, if he’s interested.
  6. I WILL NOT SEARCH: There’s a saying that says when you stop searching, it will find you. If you go out everyday trying to meet someone chances are, you haven’t met that someone yet. I know I’m ready, but I know I’ll be more frustrated if I’m constantly trying and winding up empty handed. It’s hard but don’t search, he will find you.
  7. I WILL NOT CONFUSE A FWB WITH A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP: Some men will not be honest about their intentions and it’s expected they want their cake and eat it too. Why shouldn’t they? I wouldn’t want my cake if I can’t at least lick the icing (get your mind out of the gutter).
  8. I WILL NOT ALLOW CASUAL RELATIONSHIPS TO CAUSE ME HEARTACHE AND DRAMA: My heart is all I have, a heart hurts. I can’t afford to have everyone hurting my heart. I want it to be in one piece for when I meet my ultimate Mr. Right.
  9. I WILL STAY AWAY FROM EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE GUYS: It’s clear I know firsthand of the pain this can cause. I cannot make a man do something he doesn’t want to do. SO I’ll sit it out, no matter how amazing he seems some woman has probably walked all over his heart. I can’t take that on, I’m ready to love not to be setback years emotionally.
  10. I WILL NOT LOWER MY STANDARDS: Your standards reflect how you feel about you. I love myself too much to  go through anymore of the heartache I’ve been through. I am guilty of lowering my standards for guys that didn’t deserve to be in my life. I’m beautiful, intelligent and smart and it’s time I act like it

These are some of my lessons that I have learned through the course of being single. Of course yours may be different and I know as time goes on, I’ll have more commandments to post. But what’s important to me is admitting where you have gone wrong and doing all you can to not do it again.

Being single has taught me a lot of things about the world, men and more importantly myself. I encourage anyone that is single to take a note of all the lessons and don’t be afraid to share it with other people. We are after all in this together, we must help each other rise and become better women.


Love ya’ll! xoxoxo