Remember last week when I wrote about giving it my all and how I was tired of being beaten by the “bad woman stick”?

Well I couldn’t keep it a secret, I think I found the missing link to it all. You know when you have the stupidest grin on your face and every time you try to stop smiling, you think of the person that put it there? That’s how I am. After writing about no drama, I just had to write about my ray of light.

If he ever discovered I had an anonymous blog, I don’t know if he’d be flattered or embarrassed. But I just want to high five God, he truly used his best artists to create this fine specimen. Not only the physical, but I think I’m mesmerized by his gentleness and more importantly his honesty.

I had gotten so frustrated with everything I had found, I had started praying for what I wanted asking God to give me what I needed. I can fully report to you, my readers that timing is everything. I truly believed all of my dating experience has prepared me for THIS and ya’ll better be happy for me!

For once, there’s nothing in my way. Anything that comes between us, I know I have the tools to handle it. I feel as if I’m in eight mile and this is the battle area. I’m ready for war, but the best kind. The war with warm kisses, hot sex and cold patron! Whoowee!

There’s a saying that women know how far they’ll take it with a guy when they first see him. I’ll disagree because truthfully I expected to flirt with him, get his number and never hear from him again. But what I got was the opposite and it has completely blew my mind. But YOLO, people still say that right?

But I’ma chill out, take it slow and do things right. Cross your fingers for me, the goofy grin hasn’t moved.

I might even have to say thank you to Rick Ross double D breasts for allowing me to see another day without constant images. Too much? Okay, but cross your fingers for me. I’m happy and loving it.

Love ya’ll! Xoxoxo