Remember Mary J Blige’s song, “No more Drama”? Remember how everyone was bumping to it, but probably had more drama in their life than they knew what to do with it?

I’m at the point in my life, that I just want to focus on my career and my love life and just soar. But we know that’s not going to happen. When I planned to start my blog, I wanted to vent about relationships and love, but I remembered it’s all about my life and sometimes it’ll be nice to drift from the topic of love and talk about life because sometimes it’s actually funny.

So there you have it readers, I’m actually human. I’m not just made up out of love and dreams of Mr. Right, I have problems that I’d love to see disappear faster than Rick Ross cellulite. However, like most problems you have to figure out where it’s channeling from.

It’s natural for individuals to find themselves in situations that they rather not be. Take for example, I have a huge heart and I hide this by a tough outer skin but I have people I consider friends. A friend is like a sister to me, I stand up for you, I’m honest with you, I’m there for you and I love you like you are blood. Because of this I always expect people to be the type of person I am to them, this seems to be a gift I can’t seem to give away to the highest bidder. I find myself in situations with friends where they don’t remember the type of person I am and try to handle me in a way that they know will not get the best response and I can never figure out why. All I know, is it is always a situation I do not want to be in. Regardless of how I respond, there seems to always be a problem.

So my solution to it all is to be the loner I am said to be. But I get sad, because I lose these people that mean a lot to me, but my intuition always told me something about them and I chose to ignore it. So I guess in these situations, I’m the retard? I should have gone with my feelings.

Instead, I made a conscious decision to create a “network of healing”. If you click the link you’ll learn something new, if you don’t it simply means to remove the people out of your life that don’t contribute to your life goals. Personally, I am a person that convinces myself that what I’m doing is right and the people I keep around me are good for me even if my intuition tells me otherwise. It is my personal belief that everybody needs a support system.In other words, we need people that do not do shady things to you, people who will push you and inspire you and give you the respect you deserve.

No matter how strong of a person you are, you will always need a support system. I think it’s pretty weird at my age to start a “cleaning my closet” project, but I think to be a better version of ourselves we need to evaluate everything in our life. If this is a faster way to my goals, I’ll take it. I just want to be drama free and in love is that too much to ask?

Thanks for reading, love ya’ll! xoxoxo