If I were to ask a man if women asked for too much, would he say yes?

I think we as women go through experiences that tell us what we don’t want, yet at the same time it doesn’t define how much of something we do want.

Take for example, every woman wants a man that’s honest. But if he’s honest will there be a chance that your thoughts are getting the best of you and you can’t handle it? How much is too honest? Should we define that we want you to be honest with us where it involves us, but go easy on information that can potentially change the directions of our feelings?

Is there a way of limiting how much your partner tells you? As a good and honest man would want you to know everything but a shady little boy will limit you to what he wants you to know. Women automatically would want the first one, but once again is there a way of limiting how much honesty we get?

Should we try to limit it? Or accept that we rally for certain qualities and it won’t be delivered how we expect it to, nonetheless we should be grateful? You asked for it, you got it, now make the best of it!

Feel free to leave your thoughts. Xoxoxo