Hey Lovelies!

You know that saying, “good guys finish last”? Let’s raise our glasses to tell them STFU and stop complaining! LOL maybe that was a bit harsh, but it’s almost like saying “hoes stay winning”, because as I established, hoes don’t win they settle for what other women wouldn’t settle for. It’s a cop-out!! Simply put, I will not want to be with you just because you tell me you’re a good guy, I don’t care! Show me that you’re a good guy and then let’s discuss your position in my life.

Good guys don’t finish last, they automatically believe just because they are good, a woman must automatically want them. A man would list all his great qualities and then end it with, “I’m a good guy, they don’t want me anyway.”  It’s not enough to have a big package, you must know how to use it. Same can be said here, it’s not enough to have great qualities, you have to know how to market yourself to make a woman want you. We won’t automatically see your qualities and want to drop our panties. NO, women have standards and preferences just like men. Or is it safe to say, not all women want bad men, but that doesn’t mean we automatically want you. Why is it so hard for a man to accept rejection?

It’s like the friend zone argument, once a woman puts you in the friend zone you’re out. Can it be possible that someone just doesn’t want you? Or you haven’t found the one you’re meant to be with yet? Or maybe just maybe that’s all she wants from you is a friend? Not because you set your eyes on us automatically means that we’ve set our eyes on you.

Does it all boil down to rejection? When women get rejected we respect that a man has a type and we may not be their type. When a man gets rejected, every woman in the world is against him and others of his “type”. I think it’s sad and pathetic and instead of chasing women out of your league, find someone within your league and treat her like you would treat her a queen and I guarantee you if she’s interested in you, you’ll stop saying the BS!

Many times we as humans see someone we like and when we get to know them, we realize there’s absolutely no way in hell we could have been happy with that person; and then we’re thankful that things didn’t work out. I know I am happy that nature stepped into a lot of my relationships and slapped me silly (not literally). So be thankful, you never know what nature is trying to tell you. Sometimes that rejection may save your life.

In other words, “Good Men”:

  • Suck it up!
  • Focus on not only being a good guy, but putting effort into allowing someone to see that it’s not just you bragging about your qualities, but you actually do have them.
  • Stop complaining, good women get rejected ALL the time. We regroup and keep trying, take a page out of our books for a change.

Honestly, at the end of the day be a good guy, good men do not finish last you finish first with the RIGHT woman. Be the guy your parents raised you to be, because if you let that go and become a man that treats women horribly and you have a daughter, how will you feel when she meets a carbon copy of you? Karma has a way of working itself out, always does.


Love ya’ll! xoxo