Hey Lovelies,

Allow me a moment to vent about smartphone etiquette. Yes, I know Smartphones have drastically changed conversations and relationships, but there’s simply nothing we can do. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a smartphone and it’s a big part of our lives. It adds an unwanted complication to our relationships, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

But that’s not my issue, my issue is smartphone etiquette. Manners should be present in every component of our lives. It’s how we interact with others, it’s apart of our characteristic makeup (if that makes sense). If I were to walk up to you and speak and you simply stared at me for 5 hours without a response, I don’t think I can tell you what my response would be without getting a warrant served to me. It’s that simple! If you have no desire to speak to someone eliminate the option of them being able to speak to you, it is after all common courtesy, is it not?

I’m a busy woman, aren’t we all? Some of us balance parent hood, a family, work and hobbies. So when I speak to you, it means you were important enough for me to take time out of my day to talk to. I thought about you, I missed you. Smartphones are read receipts as it is, be frickin polite and ANSWER ME. If you can’t speak to me at the moment, tell me you’re busy and you’ll contact me when you can, it is the most courteous thing you can do. Don’t waste my time as you’re clearly not wasting yours by not answering.

Spell-Check: The thing about smartphones is, they don’t disguise your inadequacy to spell. Some phones have auto correct and some phones don’t. If you can’t spell, go for the simple words. Don’t make a mockery out of English, please do it for all of us.

Dates: Please excuse my attitude, if we’re on a date am I to assume I’m important enough to be on a date with you? Yes or this is an expensive way for you to get the pum-pum. You receive a text, unless it’s a matter of death don’t check it and if you must, step away. Because I’m going to really think you only stepped away from a date to answer a text because you’re on some Jekyll & Hyde type bull. Or you’re plotting with others how to save America from the leadership of Mitt Romney.

I can go on and on, but ask yourself WWCD (what would cavemen do?) A caveman wouldn’t even have a phone, everything would be face to face and personal for him, especially things that could have a big effect on his personal life. Would you ask a woman out via text or break up with her via text? If you said yes, you’re a douche that’s it. Tweeting in church? You should have stayed home and watched church on television. Have some respect for God, we don’t care what people are wearing, what the pastor is saying, just DON’T DO IT. 

I honestly feel that smartphones take away the importance from what we’re doing and the people that we consider important. Just think about it, “how would you feel if someone take your time for granted, or actively exhibited that you weren’t as important as you thought you were to them?” You would either leave them alone if they weren’t or you’d do your best to mend the relationship that you and your smartphone dismantled.

Love ya’ll xoxoxo