Hey Lovelies!

I hope all my readers are doing well, especially those in the Caribbean be safe and stay indoors until Sandy passes! 

Now on to the main event…communication. Communication matters to me because without it, there’s no hope for any relationship whether it’s platonic or sexual. It’s the way we know what the other person likes or dislikes, it’s the way our relationship flourishes, but it seems that communication only matters to women, why is this?

Why is it when a woman attempts to explain why something bothers her, the opposite sex always finds a way to define it as insignificant? What may seem insignificant to you, may be the world to us. As a woman, I find myself to be highly aware of my emotions, always in control and when something bothers me, everything is on edge. I also find myself past all stages of aggravation, when something bothers me but because it’s insignificant to you, you brush it off. I’d like to read a man’s guide to communication, can someone please email me a copy? It’s important I know what’s on these pages.

Does it tell you that even though, you may see our issue as minuscule to honor it, as it’s important to us? Does it tell you that there will be a time when something is extremely crucial to you and we may not share that view, but because it’s important to you, it also becomes a part of our agenda? I try to think of how a man would think because I read somewhere that women think with emotions and men think with logic. But logic to me encompasses everyone’s feelings regardless of how it deprives you of your manhood. However, I’m still a woman so my logic might be stupidity to a man, who knows.

I once read an article about “What Men Want” that said that men and women both want the same things at the end of the day. But we all believe that the other wants something else, other than what they really want. For example, the author stated that men want “honest communication”. This means a woman that answers truthfully, volunteers information, and confidently asks for her wants and needs to be met. Whoo-hoo, let’s put up a stop sign very quickly. Is this not what women want? I know this is what I want the most. But what I want is completely different from what I sometimes get. Which makes me wonder do the two genders listen to each other? It’s one thing that you hear me when I speak, but do you listen? If we did listen, communication would never be an issue.

Maybe it’s in the way we communicate. How do we effectively tell our partners what we want? I’d say state what you want and lead by example. If you want me to be honest with communicating with you and you want me to confidently ask for my wants and needs to be met, I want you to give what you want to receive. Realize that a relationship should be 50/50, although most days it’s 80/20. Don’t ask me for something that you’re unwilling to give. That’s almost like a woman asking for a rich educated man when she’s a broke, gold-digger with no education, jobs or goals. How will she ever attract the type of man she wants when she has nothing to give him?

But why does it matter? As a man, I assume you want peace? I assume you want to go to work, come home, drink a beer and relax? I’m a woman and if I had a dick, I’d like to go home rest my dick on the table and relax. This can all be possible, but if the communication level between you and your partner aren’t where they should be, you’d avoid going home. You won’t be happy, you won’t be able to rest your dick so casually on the table, because she’ll be on your case! It’s not sanitary!! Where has your dick been!? Why is it on my table? DO you see where I’m going with this?

I drifted, forgive me. In other words, good communication ensures satisfaction. She know what you want and expect and she gives it to you. You know what she expects, so you ensure her needs and wants are met. You can go home, rest your dick on the table and even get multiple rounds of sex. But if you don’t have good communication, your stress levels are up. Misunderstandings lead to fights, and the woman you thought was the one turns out to be the one you’d like to stay away from by any means possible.

So do us all a favor, communicate with your partner. Be open and honest with them. Give them what you’d like to receive back and have lots of awesome sex.

Love ya’ll xoxoxo