Hey Lovelies!!

Often times we put labels on people that come in our lives, just because we feel an attachment to them. We mislead ourselves into thinking, they’ve earned a spot in our lives or because they seem to be an alright person, we should let them in.

How much do you value yourself? Your value shows when you let undeserving people in your life, you give them a room to rent in your mind, in your business and your heart. I don’t know about you but I don’t just buy new products to test, I have to first experiment and ride the waves with them. But with people, I’m so damn trusting, with friends and with men especially. Too many times I’ve found myself guilty of allowing someone in and placing on them the label of “friend” or “boyfriend”.

They say that people are in your life for a season and everything happens for a reason, but how many of us actually believe that not everyone that is apart of our lives right now is meant to be forever? For example, when we meet a lover or a boyfriend we make plans for “forever” not realizing that this person might only be here for a short season, to teach us something about ourselves or to highlight something in our lives that we need to see but for some reason we keep missing.

I think we as human beings we long to have something that’s ours, something to hold, something that we can finally let our guards down to and open up with. Because of this fault, we accept people in our lives that are better at a distance, we accept men in our lives who don’t even meet the qualification to be in our lives but yet we let them in. Another example is women who fall in love with a man that’s not theirs, you know better but you’re thinking about being lonely and not having someone to hold. When you should be thinking about how much damage this man will cause you, how many emotional steps backwards he will set you, yet we let people who don’t deserve to be in our lives take over our emotions and mind.

We have to value ourselves, value our lives and most importantly value our emotions. If we don’t set a standard for people to meet, we will forever undervalue the most precious person in the world. Don’t be so quick to place labels on people as a “friend” or a “boyfriend”, watch these people because people will only show you what they want. Watch how they act when they think no one is watching, watch how they treat other friends and watch how they treat themselves. All we want to know about a person, we can find in their actions.

Love ya’ll xoxoxo