Hey Lovelies,

As I was browsing Twitter this morning, I ran into a “Man Talk” series, where this user Mo Stegall dedicated a number of tweets to the men. Everything was timely and necessary because we need people that are going to tell our young men right from wrong without blowing sunshine up their rear ends.

I was trying to narrow it down to which was my favorite, but admittedly I couldn’t. But one in which I wanted to share with you was, “#Mantalk why are you convincing her to submit to you and you have no plans of making her your wife #heartcheck”. Can I get the church to say, “AMEN”?

As an independent and fiercely dominant woman you can imagine the amount of men I have attempting to control me or conform me, it’s hilarious to be frank. Men incorrectly use submission to make a woman submit to his wishes and desires and it is wrong. I won’t go as far to say I can’t be controlled, but I can’t and it’s because I believe women weren’t created to be controlled. According to the Scriptures, a woman must accept the authority of her husband, no where does it say boyfriend, lover or random John Doe. Of course I know to find the one I must show signs of submission and I agree, but I haven’t found the right one yet and if I have I’m not aware. But I’m learning everyday to adjust my aggression and my dominance. However, that doesn’t give any man, that is not my husband and is not trying to be the right to try and make me submit to his worldly pleasures.

Like the tweet says, if you have no plans on making her your wife why would you try and get her to submit to you? I don’t get this ideal of playing house that young people believe in. I’ll be the first to admit that I have shacked up before, but after the situation had happened, I realized little boys play house and real men build homes, eventually we all grow up. Yet, too many men would rather play husband and play house rather than attempt to be a husband to a woman and build a home. If you have no intentions of settling down, why give her the idea that you are by pushing forth the ideal that you’re head of the relationship and everyone else must bow.

I think it’s funny though, because when you think of the idea of submission and what it possibly means to young men, it couldn’t be further away from what God meant. You want me to submit, but are you prepared to love me as God has loved the Church? Are you prepared to honor and respect me and give me what I need so that both of us can be a team with you at the forefront? Most men have a postmodern view of how a woman should act and what she should do that they disregard that God has a mandate for us to live and follow. So many people men especially are ignorant when it comes to the idea of “submission”.

What does submission mean to you? Do you believe in mutual submission? Do you believe that a girlfriend should submit to her boyfriend prior?

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Love ya’ll xoxo