Dear Next Boyfriend,

I don’t know if I have met you or I’ve just met you, either way if you’ve successfully gotten the title of boyfriend. There’s a few things I’d like you to know.

I may appear to have it all together, that’s my shell. It’s there to protect me from others, people who disguised themselves as my friends or others and have hurt me to the point of no return. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need love, it means I need more than love. I need your willingness to break that shell down and love me harder than anyone has ever loved me.

I’m afraid. The one thing I want in life as much as my career is love. I long for that person who can show me why it never worked with anyone else. I long for that person who I can truly say is my best friend, that person that nothing separates us but air. But I’m afraid. I’ve put myself out there before, which is completely out of character but I do it in hopes of finding love. This is wrong, but I never learned how to give a little bit of me. I’ve always had the mindset all or nothing. This has caused me a lot, but I still want love. I’m afraid of completely jumping and not being in control.

That’s another thing, when I’m in control I’m at my best. When I’ve lost control I feel as if I’ve lost me, but sometimes it’s good to jump without knowing where you going. I just hope that when I jump, you’ll be there to catch me. Remind me that where you are, there’s no need to always be in control because you’ll never let me lose my way. Get me to relax my mind, cause it’s always running…

I think a lot, I over think situations that really don’t need to be thought about twice. This can cause you to lose your mind, bear with me. I don’t want to lose this, or you. So I recap everything that has happened the good and the bad, especially the good to see if I could have done anything differently. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to love, sometimes that may not be good.

I’m stubborn, it comes with territory. Submission is not my thing, but I’m convinced when I’ve found the right person laying in the passenger seat won’t be a problem. But I need your help with this, be patient with me. I’m opinionated, mouthy and often rude. Do realize unless you’ve hurt me intentionally or unintentionally me being this way to you is not my intention.

I come with faults, many of them. I’m goofy as hell. Some will describe me as quirky, but whatever I am I guarantee you I’m unique. I’m loyal, show me you’re here for me and I’ll protect you against anything I can. I fall hard and love even harder, I’ll love you even when you don’t deserve it because that’s when you need it the most. I understand women can be a handful, but just know men can be worse and I’ll put up with you. I’ll never lie to you, or betray your trust but you have to be completely honest with me.

I’m romantic, I love surprises. I love surprising you, because your smile will be my motivation most days. I have a life though, you won’t be the center of my world and I don’t expect to be the center of yours. All I want is to be apart of your life, have the attention I deserve, the love I’ve worked for and the protection that I long for. I want your life to go on, I will push you to excel because succeeding is something I live, sleep and breathe. I believe if our mind can conceive it and believe it, we can achieve it.

I’ll be your backbone, your support system, I’ll help you build your empire and I know you’ll do anything to see me succeed. When times get rough, I know the tears will come but crying with you is better than crying without you.

In the end, I’ll be really happy for kinky sex, long walks on the beach and a few laughs. I know tears will come because hard times are bound to happen. I’ll never leave your side if you promise to love honor and respect me. I’ll give you all of me.


Your future and your life.