Hey Lovelies,

As I was laying in bed attempting to go sleep, I had an idea! What if I told you women encouraged men to cheat? Would you say hell no? To be honest, I would too, but we do at least from a black woman’s perspective.

A women’s intuition is one of the strongest in the world. We know when something is going on with our men, we know when something is going on with our friends, we sense it but most of the times we ignore it. We know when our man is displaying signs of infidelity, we may even suspect with whom but we ignore it.

Any smart black man that is successful at cheating knows that before a black woman confronts a woman for sleeping with her man she will beat her down, ridicule her and in some cases berate her to her FRIENDS. Did you get that? She won’t approach her, because chances are she has already approached her man about it and he successfully played the two women (or more) against one another.

A man has the talent to manipulate any woman into believing what he wants her to believe, all for the sake of their “relationship”. You’re sitting down with your friends, talking about how that woman has her claws on your man, how she throws herself on him and has tried to have sex with him; only thing you’re missing is a red nose because you already sound like a clown. How do you know this woman is doing this? Because he told you? What is he doing to prevent this?

Most of the time our heartache doesn’t have to last as long if we approach our issues head on. Rather than allow your man to play you against another woman, call her and talk to her. You may find that the person initiating the sex isn’t her, but your man. You may find that she isn’t running behind him but it’s the other way around. But don’t take my word for it, ask a black man how he can successfully play a woman and he’ll tell you.

Black women would rather beat each other down than come together as a unit. We encourage men to cheat because they know we will never call the other woman. If we do, it’s to threaten her, to tell her stay away from our man. But it’s never to sit down and discuss the situation.

Now do you believe me when I say we encourage cheating?

Love ya’ll xoxoxo