Hey Lovelies,

I’m sure we’ve all met the “I don’t want you but I’ll talk about you to anyone who’ll listen because as far as I’m concerned if I can’t have the pussy, no one else can” man. Or the “When I had a chance to have the pussy, I acted like a straight bitch. Now you don’t even acknowledge me, but I’ll make up rumors about you” man. Can I ask these dudes to get up off our clits? Straight up!

This is where vagina politics comes in, we give men a chance and they waste our time to the point that when we see them in public, we completely act as if they don’t exist; but when we move on, we automatically become their flavor of the week! What happened to appreciating someone for who they are when you had a chance to? I hate that we all act as if we have nine lives; emotions cannot wait on one person.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve waited up to 7 months for a man to make it official with me, he gave me reasons such as; “I don’t know where you’ll be in a year” to “I don’t know if I want a relationship right now” and I thought that  I would be the person that didn’t give up on them. Then I woke up one morning, beyond disgusted with myself. How was I expecting him to realize what he had when I didn’t realize who I was by playing the unofficial girlfriend to someone who only wanted to reap the benefits without putting in the work? But getting over someone that you’ve convinced yourself was the one for you, is harder than it sounds. When it’s over you feel completely liberated but then you become their cheese in the mouse game. They chase you as if they didn’t spend months wasting your time. They get jealous and territorial, but where was this when I was interested? Makes it even worse, let them suspect you’ve moved on, you become their world. It’s flattering, but it’s too late.

Then you become public enemy number one. You hear things about yourself that you knew could have only came from them. Which begs the question, if you couldn’t seal the deal why are you so concerned about my life? If you didn’t know if you wanted a relationship right now, why are you so concerned that I do and went out and found that? If you don’t want me, why is it you’re trying your best to make sure no one else has me? When I was “with” you, I did everything a woman should have done to her man, but you weren’t my man. You loved it, the sex was on time and amazing, you never complained about anything, I was that good “negro”. But when I woke up and realized my worth, sh!t hit the fan? Oh that’s real cute..

Mr. “If I can’t have you no one else can” it’s about time you wake up and be a man. Real men appreciate what they have when they have it because life is funny, that thing you have can be that thing you had in a split second. If you didn’t want to be my man because you preferred having the best of me with no strings, don’t be mad that I found someone to give ALL of me and get it back. The business of my vagina is no business of yours. You should have bottled that orgasm when you had a chance. Stop playing vagina politics with women, period. Be a man and get a woman so that you become KING of that vagina and there is no politics. Until then get up of my clit!

Love ya’ll xoxo