Hey Lovelies,


What do you guys think about this statement, “the last woman always messes it up for the next.” Anyone agrees? If ya’ll don’t, I’ll give myself an Amen and keep moving.

The truth in this statement is just shining like the brightest halo, I have ever seen. If you’ve ever been with a man that was so emotionally f-ked up that he couldn’t separate a good woman from a bad b!tch, then you know what I’m talking about. Or the man that was the perfect man to fall in love and marry but now his insecurities surround him better than his skin? Yeah I’m talking to ya’ll.

This is a human cycle, that we just can’t stop. There will always be someone who messes it up for us. If they didn’t how would we have gotten a chance? Do relationships ever end good anymore? Do they ever end with both sides being happy it happened because it changed them? Yes, I’m still living in the cliché world I often visit from time to time. But still, women make it harder for other women and men do the same.

All I’m saying is you know you don’t have plans on settling down, or you just want a provider, be honest. Because that same guy who falls for you, sacrifices everything just to love you, when he realizes your motives he will NEVER be the same again. Then the next woman or women he encounters after will have to play super heroes to reconstruct something that should have never been broken. In this case, I can’t catch a damn break. I always find the ones who gave themselves so much to the wrong person that all I get is the hate and pain. Well I should have said “used to find”, because I’ve given up my cape and surrendered it to the Avengers headquarters. I can’t live like that. When my heart was broken it took me 3 years to fully get over him and I dabbled in relationships but nothing lasted remotely close to a year, I knew I was broken and there was nothing another man could have done. The process to move on was a decision that had to come from S.I.G. (single island gal). I just can’t take a man setting me back 3 emotional years because of what the last woman did. Or I haven’t met the man that’s worth it yet.

In some rare cases, the man is willing to move on, he’s emotionally available and just needs someone to stick through it with him. Realizing it won’t be easy, but the type of person he is, it’ll be worth it. It just takes the special kind of woman to bear this type of shit. Anyone that has ever fallen in love with a man whose heart has been trampled knows to what extent of “special” kind of woman, I’m referring to. It’s simply just a case of realizing that as a woman we have to see our men through these things, providing he’s worth it.

So yes, the ex always messes it up for the next woman. Often times a man tells us exactly what we want, when we hear I’m ready, don’t make excuses just realize his ready may come with the sacrifice of you being that man’s backbone and helping him through issues that he’s going to have. Don’t just leave when he’s being a stubborn ass, because he’s a man that’s what he does, stick with him. On the other hand, if he tells you he’s not ready for a relationship or isn’t looking, don’t you stick around. Because then the story will turn into “the last man, messed it up for the next man.”

I’m out, love ya’ll! xoxo