Hey Lovelies!

Yes, I’m hours late but I’ve been searching hard for something that was worth me going in on. I’ve managed to search twitter and I’ve found this. Iyanla Vanzant, remember her? She tweeted, “We must learn to value and honor these blessings we call friends, they are few and far between.”

This is different from what I usually write about but as a woman we know the struggle with friends. Some of us may have lots whilst some like myself are loners and prefer 3 good friends rather than a big circle. Whatever your decision is, friends are blessings to us. I always live by the saying, “pay attention to who your real friends are.” I don’t know what people define a friend as but to me a friend is someone who over the years becomes a sister, someone who will call you out on your BS, guide you, be there for you and motivate you to do better. Of course, there’s more qualifications in being a real friend but this is the basics.

How many of you have real friends that you can say motivate you to become a better you? Push you to excel through all odds and understand the struggle you’re faced with? Too many times we get caught up in life, we find people who are good company to go to the clubs with, or the bars and we like them so much that we want them to be in all aspects in our lives, this is the biggest mistake anyone can make. Not all people are meant to be a club friend and a lifetime friend. Some people are just interested in drinking, dancing, meeting men and going home. You can’t mix up the two. Don’t allow your neediness for friendship make you lose sight of your true friends.

I have a friend that I hardly see because of her work constraints and her relationship, but every birthday and Christmas she calls me to tell me she has my gift. I’ve known her for 9 years now and she never misses a birthday or a Christmas and she doesn’t ask for anything in return. It’s just her present to me and the presents are so dear to me, I still have everything she has given me and I use it just about everyday. I don’t see her everyday, but every now and again she’ll email me to make a date for drinks. It’s so easy to not count her as a friend, because I don’t see her everyday but she is one of the best friends to have. No matter what they’re still there, they aren’t as visible as the others but I know she has my best interests at heart. Because of this, I will always value her as a person and more importantly a sister.

Today or tomorrow, take a second out to tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. Sometimes we as women need to hear that, as you never know what anyone is battling.

Love ya’ll xoxoxo