Hey Lovelies,

Thanks to Mostegall, I’m here on a Sunday to inspire and entertain.

Everyone remembers #Mantalk from last Saturday? Well he’s back again with, “#manTalk those scriptures don’t apply to u as her live-in boyfriend…u must make her honorable #heartcheck”!! WHOA!

Last Saturday, I spoke about scriptures and how men use it to fit their agenda and here we have another example of this.

I miss the days that a relationship was just a relationship, when scriptures didn’t play a part in what you should do or how you should act in casual relationships. Everyone’s goal was fun and we lived by it. But now that we’re all grown up everyone is trying to be the best girlfriend to gain wife status. I find it funny, because we shouldn’t be trying to be the “best girlfriend” we should work on being the best us for personal growth. If the relationship doesn’t last, at least we still know who we are and what we stand for. We shouldn’t mold ourselves into the best “wife” for them, because who defines that? The scriptures they used to define a casual relationship? Right.

I find that the men who are using the Scriptures for their own personal fun are the same ones who are scared of loving a woman just as Jesus Christ loves the Church. You see men are quick to tell you how to act according to the good word, but when the same good word applies to their behavior they’re confused.

If you want a woman to act like your wife, to submit to you, do the honorable thing. What’s that? Date her, respect her and marry her in a timely manner. Nowhere in there did I say, date her, impregnate her, play house with her and expect her to be your backbone with no sign of commitment. You see what I did? Good.

I dated this kid, yes I did say kid and he tried to tell me how to act, tried to instill in me how to act for his liking, where to go and who to hang out with. As you can imagine it didn’t go over too well with me. I wasn’t what he was used to and he wasn’t what I was going to play wife for. Eventually we clashed because we were just dating, he wasn’t my boyfriend so I owed him even less than he expected and I acted like it.

Ladies, this burden rests heavily on us as well. Too often we play house with little boys and then expect them to somehow grow up and marry us. Ever heard the saying, “boys play house, men build homes?” Well, start believing it, because it’s true. As long as you’re conforming to suit a boy playing house, he will never be a man and build a home. I’m not saying wild out and be uncontrollable, be you the wonderful imperfect perfect person that you are. Realize that women ultimately are the Puppet Masters, we have the power to build a man or break him, through something I like to call standards. Has a man ever did better for his life because of what you represented? I’ve had that impact on many men and I’m sure you can too.

Start respecting and honoring your star player today. Don’t play wife to boys who don’t even know the first thing to being a husband. Have a standard and raise him to it.

Love ya’ll xoxoxo