Hey Lovelies,

Obama is back in the White House for another 4 years, yummy!

So, I try to give everyone a fair chance in life, whether this makes me an optimist or an ass, whatever. But I’m beginning to think everyone is the same, they just lie differently.

I swear I have THE biggest joke for you guys but for privacy purposes I’ll refrain. I try to tell women that all men aren’t the same, they aren’t all dogs and there are some out there that may change your mind. But I’m having the hardest time believing that or even giving you the conviction that I believe that. I’m sure they’re out there, I just won’t be attempting to find out anytime soon.

I mean is honesty too much to ask? Or because I’m expecting honesty, am I already asking for too much? Is it too much work to be a man, a provider, the dixk holder, the head of the house and honest? Am I expecting too much of our counterparts? Maybe I am.

Or maybe women are too steadfast in what they believe something to be, even if they are given the “truth” they can’t/won’t accept it because they believe they know it to be something else? Help me out here, I’m really on the line of thinking that everyone is the same, they just lie differently.


xoxox Love ya’ll.