As women for some stranger reason some of us become so heavily dependent on love and affection from men. We transform ourselves into a stereotypical angelic model just to gain attention from an individual that cannot see past getting between. We belittle ourselves and other just to ensure that some how we feel better about the person that we have become. The person that is so far from the one that you dreamt when innocence and purity of self was still present.

As women some of use have the nerve judge women who dare to be different and unique and to define her own sense of beauty. Now tell me when do we find men being trapped into a state where they need to told that ” I LOVE YOU” least they feel that their place on earth is insignificant. When in life to they let us into their darkest secret unless they know for certain that you are special and deserve to see that softer side of them that has only been preserve for their mother. 

As women we use relationship to justify everything that has gone wrong our life, from the lack of love to finances and even to you just being a cold hearted BITCH. Why do we find it necessary to leave our evolution on the approval an disapproval of our partner. Not part – only for time.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the power of a good relationship but don’t blame anyone but that face staring back at you in the mirror for the person that you have become. We have become so accustom to blaming someone else for our issues that we sit down and just complain.


Ladies let us move away from Eve’s curse of passing blame and learning from an age old mistake !!!!!!