Hey Lovelies,


Anyone ever played the drinking game, “Never have I?”? Yeah hell, if you’re anything like me you’re emptying the bottle. But I’m just going to use the idea of the drinking game here to make a list of commandments that I will in time continuously add to.

Here’s my list of “I will Never….Single Island Gal style.

1.  I will never worry about a man that is not my husband.

2. I will never be the bottom bitch or the side bitch or the other woman.

3. I will never let a man emotionally control me.

4. I will never let my gut down again.

5.  I will never play “wife” to any man that isn’t even deserving to be my boyfriend.

6. I will never play the game by all the rules.

7. I will never blame a failed relationship for the way I am.

8. I will never take care of a man, especially one that isn’t my son.

9. I will never let a fairy tale that I’ve created define real life for me.

10.  I will never let someone else experiences define something that hasn’t happened as yet…..


To be continued…Do you have any you’d like to add to the list?

Love ya’ll xoxoxo