Hey Lovelies,

You didn’t think I was completely done for the day did you? Yeah so…the cold and calculating woman, we all know one of these. If not you’re the cold and calculated woman.

I know I am and I know a group of women just like me, I call them my friends. The trouble with this type of woman is, you never know what they know. A man can think he’s lying to her, fooling her, pulling wool over her eyes BUT she’s sitting there listening and smiling to herself thinking, “this man did NOT just lie to me.” This is scary…

Imagine if a man was like this and every night you came home and he asked you where you were and you lie and tell him you were at work. But because he’s already ten steps ahead of you, he called your work and obtained your schedule, he knows where you were but because he loves you so much he’s hoping you’d come clean but you don’t….You continue to lie to him, thinking you’re fooling him, when all you’re doing is damaging a relationship, dismantling the trust of someone who would understand, take you back if only you were just honest. You could possibly be damaging the heart of the only one who would accept you for who you are, no questions asked. But you continue to lie, then this man snaps and kills you. I’m going to put a carnation on your coffin, because you could have saved yourself.

That’s the danger of a “Cold & Calculating Woman“, men snap and act irrationally but women are devious creatures. Some of us act on impulse like men, others wait, watch and evaluate. I appreciate honesty, even though it may hurt, honesty is the only way you’ll get in my heart. When I suspect you’ve faltered from the honest man I’ve grown to be fond of is when I quaver from the nice woman you know. I question everything you say to me, and if I know something and ask you something, your best bet is to be honest to me. Because Tyler Perry couldn’t create a movie to correctly depict this type of woman and he manages to depict all types of “black” women correctly. 

There’s nothing I can tell you that can make sure you avoid this woman, because lets face it. Women hurt, but society expects us to bounce back as if nothing is wrong, not knowing that our emotions and our heart hurt more than words can explain. I’d honestly like to meet Mr. I’dratherbesincerelyhonesttoyouthanlietoyou but honestly am I being Ms.DelusionalbecaueIknowmenlikethatdonotexactlyexist?

Maybe I am…but I’m going to issue a challenge today to myself and others. Don’t expect too much from someone, because when you do their disappointments bother you the most. Ask the questions you’d like to know, I’ve made a mistake of not doing this in the past and it hurt me, if you know the answers don’t kill him. Just realize the type of person you’re dealing with and some people have a problem being honest. We’re all flawed, some people believe when they tell you untruths they’re protecting you. If that helps them sleep better at night, let them do that. But know how far to take that or them for that matter.  I really wouldn’t like to visit any of you in prison because the judge described you as a Cold & Calculating Woman.

Love ya’ll! xoxoxo