Hey Lovelies!

Vacation is over, and trust me I have enough material to vent for another year or so. Men we love em, but we don’t need em, we want them so we make a decision to put up with their bullshit. However, I cannot allow a man to send me crazy in my head…I must vent…I must write, I must keep out of the slammer for 2012 and 2013. Amen.

Kelly Clarkson sang a beautiful song about the trouble with love, and she was right. But allow me to spin off and discuss, “the trouble with game.” Now the real trouble with game is everyone and their momma believe they have game. Men who were “players” in their day think they know the game and can wrap up any woman. While he may be successful in wrapping women up it won’t be mature pussy. This is 2012, don’t get me wrong women are still choosing the assholes and getting their heart broken but in terms of intelligence of the game   we are much smarter than we were 12 years ago. In fact, some women will spin men in a new game they have never seen and straight mess them up for years to come.

That’s the thing with men if I had a dollar for every man who told me he was different, I would go in every strip club in this country and BALL ALL THE WAY OUT! Yes, it is that serious. But I’d like to say to any man that reads this…women aren’t as dumb as we play. I’m extremely intelligent and educated and I would play dumb as a way to hold my cards before I lay them all out on a table. For example, I’m not an inquisitive woman, I trust my man, UNTIL he gives me a reason to not trust him. After that I question everything he does. Funny thing is, I know more about him than he thinks, but because I’m holding my cards for when I really need them, he doesn’t know that. I can ask him a question and know the answer but I’d like to see what type of man I have. Any man can give you the impression that they’re honest, that anything you ask they’ll answer but it takes a real man to be the person they illustrate themselves to be. With that being said, women KNOW exactly what they’re asking and why, and if you really had game you would answer her.

Game, that word again. The word that tricks people into thinking they have to lie and be shady to prove they have game. Funny thing is, real game means you tell the truth, tell a woman or man your intentions and let them decide what they’re going to do. Not lie to them, conceal your intentions and then expect them to just hold you down. Game recognizes game and I bet a lot of you men look unfamiliar.  So when men say women lie better, I laugh because they don’t. Women answer your questions, tell you what you need to know, they’re honest a happy woman that is. Piss that woman off and you have a 2012 version of Mark Morrison. Not only is she being honest with you, she’s telling you she just wants someone to provide for her, she can f-k with them occasionally but she doesn’t want to give you the impression she wants something else.

The trouble with game is men are the only ones claiming it but women have became so much better at it that when men do it, it’s obvious right away what’s going on. The trouble with game is, everyone should just drop it, be honest, say what they want and stop playing GAMES!

Love ya’ll xoxo