Hey Lovelies,

I just wanna kill you

I’ve been missing! I know! Please forgive me! It’s the end of year and I’m trying to keep afloat, but I hope everyone is ready for the Christmas Season, I know I am. Mistletoe anyone?

I guess I can’t travel with my own mistletoe, for free kisses? Okay then…but what I wanted to talk to you about was the “Honeymoon Season”. You know when everything is good with your beau, you’re gazing lovingly in each other’s eyes, falling asleep cuddling, waking up to morning breath and wood? Too much? I figured! But the time in your dating that everything is perfect and you feel that FINALLY the Universe has heard your requests. Yea, I love the honeymoon season, unfortunately honeymoons don’t last forever, they’re just a phase.

I think it’s quite frankly unfair, why can’t I lay up in the pool eating chocolate strawberries with my beau for the rest of our lives? Who would make the money right? I guess. But what happens after this season is done? After you’ve settled and realized the man that made you smile and do all these wonderful things is also the demon that lies plump on your chest during arguments. Do you leave or realize that this is where the best couples are made?

When it all fades away and the delicious man that you couldn’t stop staring at is a demon fiddling with your strings on a daily basis, after you’re almost sure you just want to wring his neck, you can’t stop thinking about his eyes, how he fills out his clothes so nicely and how much you hate arguing with him. That’s when you know it’s time to thug it out and stay with someone you obviously can’t see yourself without, at least for now.

The lust is gone, no longer am I daydreaming about putting chocolate all over his body and licking him from head to toe, or sneaking my hands in his pants but I’m trying to calm down after allowing rage to get the best of me, I’m trying to remind myself that God rules over me and I can’t kill another human being no matter how easy it would be.

Is it safe to say that my honeymoon season is over? I bet, after watching “Why did I get married Too?” tonight my heart softened a little towards him. I realized that every couple fights, even the best ones. Being humans we’re bound to be at each other’s throats, but the fights make you feel as if it’s the end because every time you’re more angrier than the first.

But I swear everything is exactly how it’s meant to be, it’s easy to just lash out on your S/O but even harder to realize that there’s a reason they’re the way they are. If you care enough, be that person that stayed with them when you should have left. Be the person that’s the sweetest person in the world, even when they don’t deserve it. Personally, that’s hard for me because when I’m hurt I back away, but when I realize the type of person he is without all his flaws shining, it makes me just want to draw closer to him, hold his hand and promise to always be there. But then I think about what I’ll personally have to endure to be the person that he needs and I ask myself, “is this worth it”?

We often say no one or nothing is worth damaging ourselves, but what if being there for someone that means a lot to you also builds your character. A person is never too damaged to teach you something or to educate you on issues but we have to be able to realize when we have something good no matter what clouds it, or when someone is just a sour old douche bag.

So what do you do? Get angry then get happy, be mad, but remember why you fell for him/her and enjoy the moments. Nothing lasts forever, but memories created together can last a lifetime.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I really have an issue I want to vent on.

Love ya’ll xoxo