Hey Lovelies!!


I’m not surprised if I don’t have any subscribers or any followers, I’ve been AWFUL with the way I’ve treated you guys. Yes you can all shoot me your curse words but I’ll understand, I deserve it.

I don’t have any pressing issues or anything I want to vent, but I just wanted to share a few things with you.

1. Firstly, can I still call myself “Single Island Gal” if I’m off the market? Maybe I can get away with it until I’m married. Yes, please let me slip through. If not I have other bloggers that can give you the daily dose of laughter that I did.

2. Who’s the lucky guy? I blogged about him earlier this year, the love at first sight because he was so beautiful? Yeah him, I got lucky and Cupid stabbed me, damn that fat baby.

3. I’m a giver, I’m sure I said this before. I’ve given all of me before getting nothing back. Christmas, holidays and seasons were seasons that got me broke. If I was with you, I’d love to see you smile even if you didn’t deserve it. No one had ever done for me what I did for them…except this year. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I’m not exactly f-king Cinderella, I don’t have the fairy tale but I think I have the man that made everything I’ve bitched about worth it. Bout time? I think so.

4.  He told me he loved me, I cried. Yes, I’m the biggest bitch around. But I’d spent so many hours thinking how I was going to break this barrier he had placed over his heart, how I was going to show him I wasn’t like anyone else. I don’t know what it was, but as much as this was my goal he had fallen and I didn’t even know. He said it first, and he kept saying it regardless if I didn’t say it. I hope this is the last time I tell someone I love them..I hope he’s it.

5. My mind is dirtier than ever stay tune for the next blog post.


Merry Christmas I hope Christmas was great for everyone else, look forward to some “out there” blog posts. I have missed ya’ll.