Hey lovelies,

Not good enough

It has been a while. I do hope you can forgive me for my absence but it was worth it, I do have new content.

As single women we dream about finding our life partners, we dream about one day finding the man that just fits. Don’t give up ladies that dream can still come through. However, what our dreams do not prepare us for is the chance that your life partner may not be ready to receive you.

It’s an interesting thought and it happens a lot. Men see a nice attractive woman, they talk to her and are surprised that not only is she beautiful but she’s intelligent, down to earth, fun, loving and ultimately all they can ever ask for in a partner. The problem is he’s not ready. Yes ladies, it doesn’t matter how good of a woman you are, if he’s not ready you’re sadly just not good enough.

Now it would be nice if guys came with barcodes so we can scan and see if they’re ready or not, unfortunately that’s just a dream I threw out there. But they don’t. Some men know they aren’t ready and aren’t expecting to meet the woman of their dreams and then there’s the man that knows he isn’t ready and is simply just dating for sport. So who do we respect more? I’ll respect the guy who knows he isn’t ready and makes it clear whatever you two have going on is just a phase and it will pass.

But what do we do if we meet the man of our dreams and we enter a relationship, get all cozy and suddenly we get told that you’re amazing but he just isn’t ready? Yes bury his body and pray no one will find his unprepared ass. Seriously though, it’s easy to say walk away and don’t look back but even harder to realistically do. It’s because we began to trust, all the walls we had up to protect us came down because we thought he was finally it and then he hits you with the bang.

Personally, the hiding the body idea was more up my alley but being grown and having the ability to have compassion and show understanding, I’ll always understand but it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Cry, sulk and cry some more but it doesn’t mean it’s over. The same amazing woman I described is still there and even more beautiful on the inside having experienced a heartache she never thought possible.

Try not to take it personal even though it will feel pretty personal. Think of him as being your life partner but not your available life partner, as he probably unbeknownst to you saved you from the biggest heartache of your life by telling you that he can’t be the man that you need.

Life is funny, you never know who you’ll end up with. Be strong, protect yourself and don’t close the door to possibilities.

Love y’all xoxoxo