Hey lovelies,


Maybe I’m old fashioned, or maybe I’m realizing as a woman we have to define our standards. But I’m a little bothered by how these “brand new niggas” set their mediocre standards and expect us as women to meet them there.

For example, you and your girls are in the club, a dude wants to talk to you but he wants you to come to him! Rewind that! You are interested in me, but I should come to you? No boo. Who are making the rules? And are women really following them?

What makes it worse are men that get offended when you decline their invite to walk over to them. I always feel a little inclined to school this new generation. If you want a “woman” you must drop that belief that we are all the same, therefore you approach us the same. You do not approach a got it all together woman the same way you approach a basic bitch. The only thing they realistically have in common is the vagina, but they are miles apart.

A basic bitch will accept your invitation and come to you and your boys and you’ll probably get her number and wouldn’t have to work too hard for anything else, because she’s basic. But a got it all together woman is complex, she has layers and to even get her number, your approach must be everything. You see these women are tired, they’ve had every type of man you can think of and are simply tired of the disappointments. But it makes their expectations a little higher and makes them a little more out of reach. In other words, if you won’t put in the time, don’t waste her time.

You can’t get a diamond out here playing with mongrels, it just won’t work. After all if a real woman is interested in you, she won’t play hard to get, she’ll approach you, so if you’re defining yourself as a man, why are you asking her to come to you?

All I’m saying is, don’t be the man out there saying “bitches ain’t shit” when you’re approaching every woman you meet like the basic bitch that it took no effort to get. Therefore, loyalty wasn’t a word she knew well, so she left you for the other nigga who was flashing dollar bills on the side.

No, every woman you meet is different and if you want to elevate your pickings, elevate your approach.

Love y’all xoxo