Hey lovelies!!

Hope no one made babies on valentines day! Hehe

I don’t want to talk about doom day however, I want to talk about what it means when women say, “I understand.”

Personally I’ve been called everything under the sun when I responded to a relationship gone bad saying that I understand. I’ve been called gullible, silly and things I wouldn’t repeat.

But I’m here to say please don’t take those two words for anything more than what it is. When I say I understand, I’m not saying I’m weak or I’m gullible. What I’m saying is as a Christian I understand that both men and women make mistakes. I understand that not everyone will realize and cherish a good thing, in fact people with little to no ability to love will run away telling you that they can’t give you what you need.

It hurts but as a woman I understand that we go through hell in life and sometimes we put off until a better time. Not realizing good things don’t come as often as the wind blows. We get scared when we see situations or people we haven’t been exposed to and rather than try, we feed excuses and cop out. Yes, this is detrimental to people’s hearts and emotions but people act in best regards to themselves.

When I say I understand I’m not saying I’ll be here when you sort out your issues. What I am saying is I get what you’re going through. I’m not saying it’s okay for you to go around hurting people because you don’t have the capacity to let go, but I’m saying thank you!

Why thank you? Who wants to be in a relationship where the effort is as invisible as ghosts? Where you feel alone but you have a partner. Where you’re being told he cares but it’s on his own time? Relationships aren’t part-time, they’re full-time and all the time. The damage anyone can face with someone like that is unmentionable. Why would anyone settle when what they deserve is extraordinary?

I understand is saying thank you for doing this now, because if you waited later I wouldn’t be saying I understand. My heart would be buried so deep in the pain that I wouldn’t have the time or energy to say I understand..

I understand is a silent thank you followed by forgiveness and nothing but understanding. Because I understand that people aren’t perfect, we’re all flawed and we make mistakes.

So I understand….

Love y’all xoxo