Quote of a message I received, and my subsequent response.


“In all honesty. You do have that Caribbean woman attitude I tried to avoid for so long. Lol like it’s a defense mechanism or something”


Caribbean woman, he said

With a Caribbean attitude

Something to avoid for so long

Crass and rude

According to his calculations

Yet he dated one and never dated a

Jamaican or Dominican or Cuban or Haitian

Any other woman from the Caribbean.

Making judgments and comparisons to whom?

A white woman?

Canadian? American? Scandinavian?



Tell you what…

Do this strong black woman and favor and

Stick to your

pasty snowy females

Idolized in magazines and movies, who

Passive and kind and poor creature, so dumb

Having never experienced

the sheer havoc wreaked on your  heart and mind

The terror of a Caribbean man.

But darling your Caribbean woman attitude,

He cannot deal with.



Caribbean man

Creates the Caribbean woman while

Shirking his duties and adoring

Everything but the woman God placed in his hand

Caribbean man

Penis untamed sticking it into every open

Hole and crevice.

Caribbean man

Some Consuming alcohol at every chance,

 Some smoking, chilling on the blocks

Some content with the Caribbean dream

With rims and cars and clothes, image.

Swearing. Beating. Disrespecting.

His Caribbean woman.




Caribbean woman

Some cooking and cleaning, minding children

Some in darkened corners on their head

Some loud cackling chickens

Some swearing empty vessels of little substance

Some getting an education, supporting

Yet always told to hold her head high

Regardless of her circumstance.

And don’t let anyone run over her

Especially the Caribbean man.



Former kings who refuse to remind former queens

That they are such because they do not see them

As such.



This attitude of the Caribbean woman

Borne on the playing field

Molded by mother and aunt and grandmother

Flour and water and fruits of her hand

Carry yourself correctly

The women of old days saying

Mind your manners

You are great by nature of your birth

Young woman don’t forget it.



And by nature of your birth

Your Caribbean man views you not as

Empress and queen, strong woman

Your Caribbean man views you as dispensable

Not realizing it is his kind that feeds your aggression

That forced you to cope, to adapt to morph

Into that which he seemingly cannot stand?



Yes by right of my birth I am a Caribbean woman.

I am aggressive and strong.

I call you out when you’re wrong.

I can carry your child to term within my womb.

I can support you and feed you with these hands.

Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

I can help you build and mold. I can enable and provide.

And I realize that I’m not something just any man can deal with.



But I also realize the man God destined for me will be able to manage

My Caribbean woman attitude.

And that is perfectly fine.


*adapted for generality