Hey Lovelies,

Pray for our men

I know you didn’t think I’d be back so quick, but “SourPuss” posts bought me back here instantly, to say this…We’re losing men at a serious rate. And not black men but our men, our good Caribbean men that white women brag about.

But I’m not here to rant about how black men take up jails, how the rates of them graduating are low- I’m here to talk about men when it comes to women. In SourPuss post’s she talked about being told that she was of the same nationality that the young man was trying to avoid. And I laughed. A woman is a woman. Your background determines how you deal with men.

Now being of the Caribbean origin myself, yes we are feisty.  We are aggressive but it’s not because we want to drive away other men that may have an interest in us, it’s because men of our backgrounds have made us this way. In the Caribbean, cheating is almost a way of life. People in our region have grown to accept cheating like they’ve grown to accept weed, everyone’s doing it so it isn’t wrong. This is why a lot of us choose to date outside the Caribbean origin.

Personally, Single Island Gal does NOT want another Caribbean man again. Sure, they’re appealing, they’re good looking, some of them keep themselves well. But other than that what else do they really have to offer us? And while I’m not saying every Caribbean man is like the ones we have described, it’s the same cycle and no one has the testicular fortitude to break it.

Every woman once in her life has had to pay the price for what another woman did to a man and has had to shown that they were different.  Once that happened, some men still decide to treat her like the other women and a rare amount cherish her. That’s the same cycle, we’ve grown to put men in.

Caribbean men contribute to who we are, but if you ask them they’d say the women aren’t any good, well I can say the same about the men. While it may not have been you, a man, a Caribbean man has disregarded a woman, treated her like she was dispensable and failed to recognize while she may not have had it all, she was a strong woman who was devoted to her man and gave him everything only to get nothing back in return. But it’s okay right? Because they’re men.

No, it’s not okay. Society teaches us to value men as the head of the household, the king but what about the woman? What about the woman who raises her man children that he had while he was with her, what about the woman who deals with hearing reports about her man out with his “sweetheart”, what about the woman that has to wear protection with her husband because she knows what he’s doing? This woman has to mold herself into the type of woman that her children can at least be proud of, she has to realize that this man is a product of his environment, which teaches him to mistreat a woman and he isn’t man enough to raise above it.  She then learns from her experiences, doesn’t allow any man to run over her, doesn’t allow a man to be inconsistent, she demands what she gives….because it is her right. Isn’t it?

Even in the Bible, we’re to stand behind our men. So let’s pray for our men. It doesn’t matter how many good women are presented to them, until a man realizes life is unpredictable and chances are rare he will not stand up and be more of a male. He will always treat women like they are dispensable, always chase hoes rather than his goals, always disrespect himself and more importantly his partner and will never recognize the value of a good woman until he can’t get one.

No matter how good we as Caribbean women are, we will never be good enough when paired off with a Caribbean man. So what do we do? Pray for the men that we are losing and pray for the younger generation that they stand up and do what’s right and realize that they didn’t come from a man, but a woman. It would be nice if men treated women how they’d like their mom to be treated?  Just a thought.


Love ya’ll xoxo