Know Your Worth

Hey Lovelies!

Hope everyone is doing okay. I woke up this morning, bothered. I hate excuses! Period! If I don’t want to do something I’ll tell you so when it comes up you won’t be harassing me to do it, because I told you. But honesty only goes so far because it’s such a lonely word.

When it comes to men, has anyone ever noticed that men are nicer than women? Women would cut off a male without regarding his feelings. Whereas men have this “don’t burn your bridges” ideal. They’d stay friends with someone that they didn’t like in order not to hurt their feelings.

For example, let’s take John. He’s in a new relationship, he’s told his girlfriend that he doesn’t keep female friends, but there’s this one girl let’s call her Justine that keeps calling. When you question him, first he doesn’t know who that is, then you wait a month and he knows her. They were an item before you, he had told you about her before but what you couldn’t get is why he didn’t just say that. Why lie to you, risk losing your trust when it would have been easier to admit that he knew her? Furthermore, why is Justine still calling and texting you? Why is it men can be with another woman, but doesn’t care to tell the other women in his past that he’s moved on? Why keep this friendship going, but if the woman did that it’d be a problem. I hate the bullshit!

SO I went over all the excuses I’ve ever heard from a man and I’ve taken the liberty of decoding them into what they should say but for some reason lack the balls.

  1. I’m not ready for a relationship: SIG Interpretation: What is ready? You wait for ready you’ll never be ready. What he’s saying is, I want the extraordinary but I’m not prepared to put in the work. I want the girl and all that comes with it, but I wish to do my part when it’s convenient. So when she’s realizes I’m not fully in, I’ll feed her that excuse. Because I’m comfortable in my mediocrity, it’s not that I don’t like her, I don’t like her enough to get past my own insecurities and do something I’ve never done to get what I’ve never had. It’s really not her fault, I’m just a mediocre man prepared to live this way until I can make shit happen.
  2. I moved too fast: SIG Interpretation: For a moment I thought I could have done what I failed to do in the past and be a man, but I realized your expectations of me is more than I’m willing to give to anyone. I’m too damn selfish and I’m still as mediocre as ever.
  3. I’m not ready for anything: SIG Interpretation: I’m a coward. I want love but I’m not prepared to put in the work with you.
  4. I didn’t expect for us to move so fast: SIG Interpretation: Laugh My Fat Ass Off. Even I stopped on this. Usually when people say they want something real, they’re not saying it to be heard but they know they deserve something real. Why when it comes along you tell yourself, you didn’t expect for it to move so fast. There aren’t that many real people out there, when you’ve convinced a woman you’re real, she will not act lackadaisical  she will claim you as her man and treat you as you wish to be treated. All I’m getting is, I’m a DAMN COWARD from that statement.
  5. I don’t have female friendsSIG Interpretation: Well alright then. So what you mean is you get females numbers, lead them on, f-k them, keep communication for the next time you’re lonely but they’re not your friends. Yeah okay, we see you dude. In other words, I f-k females but when I’m in public I don’t address them, I learned this from being a player.
  6. She keeps calling, but I’m not interested. SIG Interpretation: Word? In 2013, we can block numbers or go to our phone company and block it. Even so, as a man you can tell someone you’re not interested. In other words, she keeps calling because I keep answering the call. I keep answering the phone because I don’t burn bridges as a man.
  7. I was busy: SIG Interpretation: We can understand this, we get busy too. But no one ever is too busy, if something is important to you, you’ll make time if not you’ll make excuses. In other words, you’re not on my list of priorities, I’ll get to you when I’m not doing anything.

I try to block BS out of my head, so I stopped at number 7. If you have anymore to add to the list, send it to us at . But the moral of this women is KNOW YOUR WORTH. Because I guarantee you will find a man that will make you question your worth, or who you are every time.

Love ya’ll xoxox