Hey Lovelies,

Show appreciation

Show appreciation

I’ve been MIA, I know. I’ve had the worst case of writers block for the longest. But I’m back and boyyy do I have a lot to share with you guys. But can we first start with “appreciation”?

It’s one word, but it’s such a big word. And I really have to thank every man that has contributed to me being able to appreciate even the smallest things. As a woman, all I really want is consideration, appreciation, consistency and purpose. Being without it for so long, being the woman that was demanded of me from my exes, and doing without getting it back has given me the ability to appreciate even the smallest things.

Most women want to be showered with gifts, as a way for their men to show them they care. All I really want someone to do is appreciate me, be consistent with me, be considerate of my time, my feelings and efforts and love me regardless of the mistakes I’ve made. That’s all..Men say we don’t know what we want but if I can get that in the foundation the ending will be amazing.

Today as I was relaxing, a guy I’ve been talking to off and on for a year messaged me saying, “Just letting you know I’m sick that’s why I have been so quiet.” That line bought me close to tears. Do you know how many men take their women for granted!? Do you know how many men would have just laid in bed ignoring everything and doing for themselves? Do you know how many men made women feel like options because they lacked the consideration? I do…I felt like an option for so long for someone who was so busy but wanted something good, but didn’t wish to put in the time or effort. I’m free though, free from the bounds that held me to loving someone who couldn’t see past his own insecurities to give me the little things to make me feel secure.

But today, this guy genuinely made me cry. You can say I’ve been on the emotional side lately if that’s what made me cry. But being single isn’t easy, we come across different guys with different intentions but still not the one we’d give it all up for. That’s where I’m at.  But this just opened my heart and gave me a little more hope.

Even as women, we forget to say thank you, or to tell a man we appreciate them. They work so hard, well some of them, the good ones at least lol. The good ones work so hard to make us happy or to keep a smile on our face, would saying, “Baby I appreciate you” hurt? Would telling him thank you hurt? Or better yet, show him that you appreciate him, words can say whatever we need them to, but our actions and our heart express a bit more than we ever know.

SO show someone you appreciate them.  I know I had to tell this man how much he warmed my heart by considering me, because truthfully I’ve grown out of expecting anything and now I’m smiling.

Oh Yeah! And to my faithful readers, thank you for sticking with me. I’m just an anonymous woman from the Caribbean writing. When I started I had no idea if anyone would be interested in anything I had to say and I do get tweets and comments showing appreciation. Thank you!

I’ll be back this week with a couple posts about men who lie….the topic we all know so well.


Love ya’ll xoxoxo