Hey Lovelies!!

I’m back! Sorry for the wait but thanks for the love while I was away, always a pleasure to read your comments.

We’ve all seen the memes about women who are faithful to a cheating but loyal man or women that are in relationships with single men. Yes, we’ve seen it and frankly I’m sick of seeing it.

Dating is funny, because you never know just who you are dating. You’re being faithful to someone who portrays himself as your man, but what you don’t know is in his second life, he’s married with two beautiful kids and a life you know nothing about. How could you know? This man lied to you, manipulated you and spun a tale that even Karrine Steffans would believe.

But society would have you believe its your fault as a woman. Because you trusted the wrong person, or you finally let down the same guards that they said would help you find love. If it were up to society, women would never know what to do. In one instance we’re told we won’t ever find a man if we don’t let down our guards and let someone in. Then in the next breath we’re told that it’s our fault that we were faithful to Mr. Liar, Liar because we trust too easily. Which is it? Are we ever truly the victims?

We have all been the victims one time or the other. But no matter how bad you feel or how angry you are, NEVER let that low down bastard stop you from becoming the woman you were destined to be. Sure you may see red every time another woman is hurt and you may stop your wonderful life to plan revenge but always remember it wasn’t you, it was him.

Everything he said was wrong about you or everything he said you were, was just his way of breaking free to save his skin. You’re still a beautiful, amazing and intelligent woman.

Take a break, fall in love with yourself and always remember you may not be what he had in mind to hide his secret life, but to someone you’re everything they could have asked for and more.

Love ya’ll! xoxo