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Hey Lovelies!

As you know I’ve been away and whereas I do have stories, I do have bits of wisdom I rather share with the single ladies and men that often read this blog.

Was reading Elite Daily and came across an article titled, “25 Ways to be a better man even if you can’t be a perfect one.” I liked it, I like when men are their best selves, it pushes women to rise up and be the best.

So I penned my own version, hope you enjoy!

1. Every morning you wake up, look in the mirror and flash yourself a million dollar smile.
As woman we often forget our worth, we forget how special we are to the right person. We get down on ourselves for small things, you don’t have to. Love starts with you. Flash yourself a smile and remember to love and enjoy every bit of your day.

2.  Dress as if you’re going to meet your future husband
Research proves that women who look good feel good. How many of you have gotten dressed to the core and walked into a room and felt as if everyone stopped to bow down to your greatness?

3. Exercise Daily.
Caribbean girls admittedly are thick as hell and gorgeous with it. But we can be thick and healthy. Take care of yourself, eat right but I’m not saying don’t eat the things you want to. We can’t take salads and gluten free food to our graves, but we can eat what we want in the right portions and take care of ourselves. Black women are susceptible to so many diseases, we don’t need to be another statistic.

4. Cook More – Learn New Dishes
People love Caribbean dishes more than we probably do. If you can’t cook, don’t admit it just learn how to do it. Learn new dishes, try new recipes and develop a talent for being in the kitchen. Your future self will thank you for it.

5. Call Your Loved Ones More
Life is funny, one day you’re here the next you aren’t. Call your loved ones more than once every blue moon. Send a text, a facebook message or even a two liner email. You’ll build better relations and it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

6. Reach out to other women
Women are combative, it’s weird to see two women that don’t know each other helping each other. We just don’t do that, but we should. We all have our experiences with men, no woman is above it. No matter how beautiful, smart or different you are, you will meet some man that will treat you like dirt. We have that in common. Reach out to a woman, offer her some advice or give her a kind word. It will go a long way.

7. Stop treating every man the same
Ladies, most of us can scream, “Men ain’t shit.” But how many of us can look past the fact we’ve been hurt and keep hopes up for the next man? It is hard, but every man deserves to be treated like he’s the last man you’ll ever date, even if he isn’t. Promise to stop meeting men with your carry on baggage (hate from previous men). If it didn’t work out, it won’t be because of you. You treated him like he was a new day.

8. Ask him out
We tend to date safely. If we have a feeling he won’t like us, we won’t ask him out. But life is about rejection and acceptance. Don’t go through life thinking what would have happened. Embrace every opportunity, if he doesn’t like you – on to the next one!

9. Follow Your Dreams
Most women reading this are either extremely talented or knows how to hustle. If you fall into these categories and you’re not following your dreams, just do it. Honestly, we’re in the entrepreneur age, people are trying their hands at everything- do it. The only thing that can happen is you fail, but if you fail you can turn that into a success. Seriously, make it happen.

10. Travel and Experience
Everyday put five dollars in a jar and save for dream vacations. Most women wait to travel the world with their man, why!? When you are perfectly ready for an experience of your lifetime? Book your flight, rent a car and a hotel and try new foods and new experiences. Love yourself to no limits and the right man will compliment what you’ve already been doing.

Love ya’ll xoxo