I'm a single girl dating in the city. Sometimes it's funny

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Why is it when we speak to men half of the time they look at us like we are some alien race invading their manhood. I don’t understand why is it that communication or plain interaction develops so many different responses. For instance a man will tell a woman ” Its just sex” and we hear ” I love you and cant live without you”… Women tell them ” I need to talk to you ” and they ” blank out”.

Strangely enough I believed that men and women speak totally different languages and that even in the best relationship miscommunications happens. This often happens because we as human beings do not know what it is we really what or need 95% of the time. Then having to justify half of the utter bullshit we do in life because if this is not done we may never trust in ourselves.

Now men think about one thing at one time and only that , women on the other hand we think about the past, present and future all in one. Then we wonder why we are not on the same page. We probably will never get on the same page but it does help if we actually become bilingual. Now become bilingual require several degrees  ranging for the Arts of Bullshit  to the  development of an emotion. Now it is key for us to dive right into these studies so that mastery can emerge so we don’t feel like we like we are in a never ended war of two parallel lines that will not ever meet.


As women for some stranger reason some of us become so heavily dependent on love and affection from men. We transform ourselves into a stereotypical angelic model just to gain attention from an individual that cannot see past getting between. We belittle ourselves and other just to ensure that some how we feel better about the person that we have become. The person that is so far from the one that you dreamt when innocence and purity of self was still present.

As women some of use have the nerve judge women who dare to be different and unique and to define her own sense of beauty. Now tell me when do we find men being trapped into a state where they need to told that ” I LOVE YOU” least they feel that their place on earth is insignificant. When in life to they let us into their darkest secret unless they know for certain that you are special and deserve to see that softer side of them that has only been preserve for their mother. 

As women we use relationship to justify everything that has gone wrong our life, from the lack of love to finances and even to you just being a cold hearted BITCH. Why do we find it necessary to leave our evolution on the approval an disapproval of our partner. Not part – only for time.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the power of a good relationship but don’t blame anyone but that face staring back at you in the mirror for the person that you have become. We have become so accustom to blaming someone else for our issues that we sit down and just complain.


Ladies let us move away from Eve’s curse of passing blame and learning from an age old mistake !!!!!!


The question of  the purpose of our own existence has been one that has haunted us and will continue to haunt us for years. Some people spend their entire lifetime trying to figure out where they fit in this great big ball of gas and air we call earth. However what I can’t  understand though is why people see the need to fit in or confirm  or change ; as their main goal in life? Why do we need to follow and continue the cycle of garbage? Is it, that we are built with the need to fit in and be accepted by the society we life in. That same society mind you that is quick to break down and shatter everything that you hold dear. Is it then safe to say that we have been so indoctrinated into thinking that being normal or sociable is the best thing for us to do. The answer is yes from birth we have been trained in the manner of socially accepted norms and practices that we must follow or risk being an outcast.  Some may quiver at this notion but in fact I find it quite revealing to the true face of our society. It is because of this fact that I crave to be an individual , I crave to not do what I am expected, I love to question my so-called predestined role and place in society . I dare you to do the same. I dare you to be who you want to be and in all your glory. I dare you to embrace the unusual and “unique” things that make YOU , you.